Body Fortress Creatine – Best`s Review

Body Fortress CreatineHere we are giving our review on one of our favourt supplements and possibly the best value Creatine product on sale today it is of course the ultra powerful Body Fortress Creatine . This attractively packaged product is packed with a mega high quality creatine mix and boasting some of the best levels of amino acids of any creatine product sold today.

This is our honest and genuine review of one the best creatine supplements on the market today and without doubt on a money to product ratio it is the number 1 creatine supplement ever sold (we think anyway).

So please read though our review we`ve included some important benefits of this supplement along with genuine reviews from users and of course we’re showing you where to buy for the very best price online. Used right this supplement is going to pack on some serious pounds, boost your strength levels and help you recover faster than ever before… and all this for under 20 bucks !!!

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Benefits Of Body Fortress Creatine.

  • Increases Muscle mass, This of course is what your looking for in any Creatine supplement you buy and we have found that Body Fortress Creatine is right up there with the top guns.
  • Increases stamina, Again a very important factor of using creatine supplements is the more stamina you have the better your chances of completing your workout to the Max what you want is to have the power to perform your last set with the same intensity as your first . Stamina was really the first big benefit of using Creatine supplements that I ever experienced so i`m a big believer in creatine supplementation for increased stamina.
  • Aids muscle recovery, Body fortress creatine is not the only supplement that aids in muscle recovery but creatine does play an important part, you will still recover even without sufficient creatine in your muscles but the recovery speed will be greatly diminished so if your serious about building lean muscle mass in the fastest possible time a creatine supplement is a must and body fortress creatine does the recovery job just as well as any creatine product we’ve used.
  • It is free of any milk derivatives or preservatives or soy products so those suffering from lactose intolerance can still use this product, We know lactose doesn’t effect everybody but there are a surprising amount of folks who have a problem with this so for all those that do body fortress creatine has this covered.
  • Has Triple Blend in the same tub; the Triple Creatine Matrix, NOS Xtreme Blend and BCAA Nitro Blend that promotes greater muscle building action
  • It stimulates insulin production in the body thereby increases the production of creatine

What Is The Best Time To Take Body Fortress Creatine Supplements ?

Theres quite a bit of confusion about when exactly is the best time to take creatine and I guess people will always react different as are body’s and metabolisms are different but a good rule of thumb and the way we take creatine is 1 hour before a workout and then straight after a workout there are of course other views on this but if you stick to these times you wont go far wrong.

Ok so you might be thinking after reading such a glowing report on Body Fortress Creatine and it being under $20 why isn`t everyone using this product there must be a something missing ?? Well heres the one and only problem.. The taste ! It might not be the worst tasting creatine on sale but its not the best I myself dont have a problem with it but I know afew who really dont like it.

The thing is we all want a supplement that tastes great and a few years ago you got it with chocolate supplements that tasted like a McDonalds milk shake but the problem there was the high sugar contant and in this day and age no one wants a creatine supplement packed with sugar. So the truth is `most` supplements dont really taste that great so I really dont think missing out on a creatine supplement that performs as well as a product 3 x its price is worth missing out on just because its not a delight to drink for under $20 bucks Body Fortress Creatine is a killer supplement.

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These are genuine comments from users of Body Fortress Creatine..

So i took this for about a month and a half. I did no loading phase and took one scoop before my workout and one scoop after. I had a pretty good strength increase on everything and gained about 12 pounds which is hopefully very little water weight, if any. I normally don’t respond well to creatine but i felt like this worked very good and i’d recommend it to anyone wanted a good, cheap creatine product.

Amazing Product, Absolutely worth the money i paid I felt a loads stronger had increased stamina and muscle size WENT THRU THE ROOF! Getting loads of folks telling me i`m getting big which is great ! Great Product!

I have been taking for about 6 months now and I can only tell you it is AWESOME. I’ve added about an 1 1/2 inches to my arms and 3 inches to my chest. It doesn’t come without working out like an animal however. If you’re serious about gaining some pounds as well as size this is THE ONE. I take 1 scoop before workout and 1 scoop after. The taste is not bad compared to others out there.

Drinkers of the supplement agree that the unique triple blend advertised namely ,the Triple Creatine Matrix, NOS Xtreme Blend and BCAA Nitro Blend does pack a powerful punch, which gives a ’Red Bull’ like high when drunk and shows visible ‘bulking up’ of muscles within three weeks of use. ‘Use’ means drinking the supplement and working out and not just consuming supplement with nil work out – that would be a recipe for weight gain and ill health.

The best USP of this product is the price point – you just cannot beat the $15 tag for one tub, a price which is hard to match by other creatine-based supplements in the market. Some customers have even bought the same product for $13. It also lasts for about two months absolute bargain !!. Body Fortress Creatine.

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