Creatine Side Effects What to Expect When Taking Creatine Supplements

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Creatine Side Effects : Everything We Know.

Creatine Side Effects : Creatine Monohydrate is one of the most popular muscle building supplements in the world. Which is why we  dedicated this site and a whole heap of our time to this amazing supplement.

We are 100% behind Creatine as the most powerful `natural` sports supplement ever ! But we understand you may be concerned about possible creatine side effects. After all, any time you start putting something new into your body, you want to know what kind of results, and potentially negative, side effects you can expect to experience.

Luckily, there have been hundreds of clinical tests done on creatine monohydrate to get to help people know what kinds of creatine side effects to anticipate.

Creatine Side Effects : First, the Bad News

When creatine monohydrate first hit the market, there were all kinds of wild speculations being made about it. Experts said that creatine would severely affect the kidneys. They also said that creatine use would lead to liver problems.

Well, after a few studies were done, the results were quite intriguing. That’s because the tests that have been done have showed that none of these negative creatine side effects is true. Creatine, when used properly, does not harm the kidney or the liver.

Creatine  can cause your body to get dehydrated quicker than normal, which means you have to drink extra water when using it. It’s always a smart idea to add more water to your daily routine, so be sure to stay well hydrated when using creatine .

Some people have reported slight stomach discomfort and cramping when using creatine monohydrate, but drinking plenty of water every day, should help most people to avoid even these minor negative side effects. We stock the largest selection of Micronized Creatine supplements available online coming from the biggest names in the business Click Here!

Creatine Side Effects : Now for the Good News

Now that you know the truth about the negative side effects of creatine, Now the positive creatine side effects. The number one side effect that people take creatine for is of course of the huge gains in strength, lean muscle and the awesome energy blitz . Though the reason that creatine  causes muscles to grow is quite complex, it is a proven fact that creatine works simple as that !

Other Positive Creatine Side Effects

If your looking for a supplment to boost your strength for a particular sport, Creatine is the daddy allowing your body to experience increased ATP levels. ATP just happens to be the fuel that your body uses to perform muscle contractions, so this increased ATP leads to stronger muscle contractions. In other words, creatine monohydrate literally fuels more powerful muscles.

Everything that you eat, drink or take into your body will have side effects. Fortunately for bodybuilders and athletes creatine  side effects appear to be mostly positive, with the only negative side effects being very minor and almost inconsequential.

If you haven’t started using creatine monohydrate yet, there’s no better time to get started with it than right now. Unless, that is, you don’t like creatine side effects like bigger stronger muscles, because that’s just what creatine helps you to get. Creatine Side Effects

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