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Micronized Creatine : Do You Need It ?

One supplement that people have always been able to count on for consistent, muscle-building results is creatine. For well over a decade, athletes and bodybuilders have bee using creatine as one of their go-to supplements to get stronger and bigger.

In recent years, lots of variations on creatine have been introduced, but none quite as intriguing as micronized creatine. There’s a lot of buzz going around about micronized creatine now, so let’s take a more in depth look at this supplement to see what all the talk is about.

Micronized Creatine : What Exactly is Micronized Creatine?

Before we take a look at the potential benefits of using micronized creatine, let’s take a look at just what it is. After all, creatine is creatine, right? As it turns out, this assumption is dead wrong. Not all creatines are created equally. AST, the company that makes micronized creatine, has found a way to address a weak spot with traditional creatine.

You see, standard creatine monohydrate simply doesn’t mix well with water. All you have to do is mix up some creatine monohydrate, and you’ll see that the product settles to the bottom of the glass very quickly. ATS has micronized, or dramatically reduced the size of creatine particles to make them much more soluble. We stock the largest selection of Micronized Creatine supplements available online coming from the biggest names in the business Click Here!

Micronized Creatine : Benefits of Micronized Creatine

Now that you understand the differences between micronized creatine and the other products like creatine monohydrate, you’re probably wondering how the smaller particle size can be of benefit when it comes to using this supplement. It’s really simple if you think about it. Smaller particles, that dissolve easier, are easier for your body to digest and utilize. That means that using micronized creatine allows your body to make quicker, more potent use of the creatine that you ingest.

No valuable creatine is wasted, and your body can begin using it almost immediately. The end result is faster strength, muscle mass and power gains experienced by people who use micronized creatine.

Micronized Creatine : Purer Creatine

Not only is micronized creatine more soluble, it’s also purer. Part of the process that ATS uses when producing micronized creatine results in purer forms of the active ingredient. As the creatine is micronized, many of the impurities that show up in other creatine products, are virtually eliminated. So not only are you getting a creatine product that is more rapidly digested and used, but you’re also getting a level of purity that other manufacturers simply can’t match. One look at the pure white creatine, that is micronized creatine, puts the other popular supplements to shame.

Micronized creatine dissolves better, gets used by your body quicker and is all-around purer than any other creatine product on the market today. The bottom line is that micronized creatine works faster and gives you better results than any other creatine supplement that money can buy. Since you’re interested in nutritional supplements for results, it only makes sense to give micronized creatine a try to see how this breakthrough supplement works for you.

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